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Betting Exchange

To be a profitable trader you have to be a profitable bettor

How to be profitable on betting exchange

Professional bettor

If your a good tipster or punter on sport, you can make more money on betting exchange. Thank to the lay option you can close the bet early without waiting the end of the match. The only problem is if you close too much early you'll not gain the entire odds of prematch. But using a good money managment you can really do a very good job on it. For example if you bet on odds more than 2.0 , after one goal the odd will go down usually at 1.5 so you can create a perfect progression based on this odd.


Scalping on sport bet it's very intersting way to make money. It works very good on horse racing.

Trading on Betting exchange

I don't explain how a betting exchange work but to be a very good trader you have to be a very good punter so you can earn money on betting exchange.