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Betting Tools

Online betting tools can be an important weapon to have in your betting arsenal. You can get help in understanding how to increase your chances of picking up better winning odds, as well as finding which Bookmaker themselves may suit your needs. Betting is a major business across the world, and you will want to get the best service you can, as well as the best odds. This is all where betting tools and information can help immensely, as you can study reviews, and odds comparison sites to try and attain the advantage that you want when gambling. Whether it is just finding the best news sites, or a site which offers tips, or those all important stats, these are tools which can enhance your experience. All of the information which you could possibly need should be able to found online.

List of betting tools

Money Way

Moneyway is an important indicator . You can get an idea about expectations for the outcome of a given sporting event. The more money wagered on a given sign from a sporting event, the greater the percent of the wagered money for it grows in relation to the other signs for the same sporting event. The large wagers for a given sign are an indication of possible inside information or another factor which may influence the outcome of the sporting event. BTFOdds is the ultimate tool for odds analysis combining tools like Odds comparison, Odds analysis, Odds movement, Dropping Odds, Arbitrage, Sure bets, Free Tips.

Dropping Odds

Dropping odds are an indicator according to which you can get an idea about expectations for the outcome of a given sporting event. The changes in the odds are affected by many factors, starting with forecasts by professional tipsters and going up to inside information about the team or the player. All of this leads to large wagers on a given sign, which on its part leads to a shortening of the odds at the bookmakers.

Real Odds

Real Odds tools deliver you the right odds on the event to know if the bookmaker are giving the right odd.


Traps are the odds that bookmaker change their real value in order to get punter interested to bet in that odd.


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