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The Betting Exchange.

The outputs of this new method called Betting Exchange make individual customers bet against each other and not against the bookmaker. In this way, customers can benefit from an improvement of around 10-30% on the odds of individual events. These companies simply facilitating bets between clients, offering a secure platform for exchanging , taking care monitoring the money transactions and adjusting the various bets.

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Here a simple example of this kind of bet

Example : Take a random football event. Milan-Inter. On the bet platform for exchange , the victory of Milan is at 2 and the victory of Inter is at 1.5.

Suppose you wish to bet on the victory of Inter. You have 2 options:

Spend for example 10 euros in the traditional form and be paid in cash ond odds 1.5 . €5 if successful or take the role of the bookmaker and decide to raise the odds as you wish.

Suppose you want the odd of Inter winnings at 2.00. Your share will remain on hold until another player will choose your odd and will place his bet.

If Milan wins, collected all the money wagered minus a percentage that is from 3% to 5% that goes to the bookmakers and if Inter wins will have to pay the winnings to the punter.

Good Luck with your bets !