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Guide to betting.

Once in a platform of online betting we see many variations of bets for a single sporting event. We will mainly relating to football event where there are more different bets. New players sometimes may not know how beneficial they may be different types of betting. Read in detail below, the meaning of every single bet.

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Type of bets

List of some particular kind of bet

Double chance : It's with odds generally very low and therefore to play before of an event and not live because while you spend your time it changes the value. The possibilities are 3 : victory or draw for the first team - a victory for one team - win or draw for the second team.

Asian Handicap: With Asian Handicap betting you eliminate the possibility of a draw in a soccer game. The underdog will be given a head start of a handicap, and the favourite will be handicapped by the same handicap. The predetermined number of handicap will be added to the real number of goals and make up the right bet. You eliminate the possibility of a draw result, increasing your main winning chance from 33,3 percent to 50 percent in a single game. If a quarter handicap game ends with a tie result, and you fail to win your bet, you only lose 50 % of your stake. Depending on the handicap you can win your bet even if the team you bet on don't win the game. You can bet on a team you believe will lose the game, but because of a big handicap you can still win the bet. Typical here is when the favorite team win the game with only one goal. When following the match 'live', tension is high since a single goal can take you from losing to winning (or the other way around).

Under/Over : You must predict the total number of goals scored in regulation time of a match is below or above the limit. The odds here are generally around 2.00. There are also the Under / Over the first half and the second time you are betting a virtually standalone.

Betting Exchange: It's a new kind of challenge that is proving a huge success around the world thanks to the Betfair site. They appear to exchange bets. Each user can choose to be one who shares the odds or the punter. The bookmakers or betting exchange site will take care only to the transaction between the players. Through this opportunity the normal bookmakers offering betting exchange has the ability to place shares much higher than other bookmakers.

Good Luck with your bet !