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Betting Tips

Compared with traditional agencies , bet online on sports is quite different. First because you can decide with calm and in a few seconds and because there are many variations of betting, especially for betting on football and live events. There are 2 types of strategies: strategies with higher probability of winning but with a lower gain and strategies with the lowest probability of winning but with more gain. Methods with a guarantee of success at 100% not exist ... because it is impossible to predict with certainty the final outcome of an event.

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List of betting tips

Notes: The strategies listed here do not lead to a gain of 100% insured, but offer the greatest chance of victory. Some of them need awareness of the risks to which they may incur because in some occasions requires a lot of money. It 's good to remember to not ever bet more than what we can afford to lose.

Kelly criteria
The Range Betting
The Results
Various Progressions
Bet on Recovery
Trading on Betting Exchange

Good Luck with your bet !