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How to earn money with trading and Betting exchange sites.

Trading in sports betting you can gain a profit derived from a cross bet whatever the final outcome of the event. Trading on sports betting has reached its peak thanks to sites like Betfair and Betsson. The situations where we can profit by trading are to be searched in those odds that tend to increase or decrease in a certain period of time. The possibilities then are 2: 1 - If the share tends to rise we must first lay and then back for a high odd. 2 - If the share tends to decraese we must first back and then lay to a lower odd. Thanks to sites like Betfair , trading has become much easier and exciting. But see how it works and how you can earn by following a simple example.

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Example of Trading

Example:Take a football event like Arsenl - Fiorentina with these shares.

  Back Lay
Arsenal 1.80 1.90
Fiorentina 1.50 1.60


so we bet 100€ on Arsenal, with a possible profit of 80€ . After 20 minutes Arsenal marks their first goal. You'll see the odds of Arsenal decreasing of value because now it have more probabilities to win. Now you can lay on this event (that is, betting on the loss of Arsenal) on odds of 1.40 .

to know our stake to put on lay we use this formula:

Stake 2 = Stake 1 x (odd 1 / odd 2)

and than we have 100€ x (1.80/1.50)= 120€

So we go to lay 120€ on odds 1.5. Our responsabilty it will 60€ if Arsenal will win while if it lose whe gain other 120€.

If Arsenal win the result of our trading will be : 80€ - 60€ = 20€ earned. While if Arsenal will loso we will gain: 120€ - 100€ = 20€ earned .

This means that whatever the final result we could still make a profit.


Good Luck with your bet !