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The surebets also called arbitrage bets or arbitrage betting it's a financial practice that take advantage of a price differential between sportbooks. The situation happen when two or more bookmakers have sufficiently high odds on each side of an event. So you can place a bet on the both side of the event covering all outcoming of the games with a guarantee profit. The surebets situations appear regurarly every day with hundred of possibility of earn money. For more information continue to visit this site.

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A simple Surebets example

Surebets Example - Tips for beginners - FAQ


Suppose you want to play the final outcome of the football match Liverpool - Chelsea, where the possible outcomes are these:

1) Liverpoll Win X) Pair 2) Chelsea Win

and these are the odds offered by differents bookmakers

Event Bet365 LadBrokes Unibet BetFair
Liverpool 2,8 2,1 2,5 2,7
X 2,9 3,1 3,0 3,3
Chelsea 3,2 3,4 3,2 3,2

Now choosing the units in red we are going to bet, for example, a total of € 100 by dividing mathematically those € 100 per odds that whatever is the result of the match, however we will be in profit. Then € 37.43 on 2.8 of Bet365, € 31.75 on of 3.3 Betfair and € 30.82 on of 3.4 of Ladbrokes.

Bet Final Result 1: 37,43*(2,8)- 31,75 - 30,82 = 4,8
Bet Final Result x: 31,75*(3,3) - 37,43 - 30,82 = 4,775
Bet Final Result 2: 30,82*(3,4) - 37,43 - 31,75 = 4,79

Basically whatever is the result we gain approximately € 4.7 . Approximately the 4.7%. Obviously more we bet more will be the profit. The money will remain only on bookmaker account where we won. In the other 2 will be lost. It's very important to know well account the various commissions of transfer money between electronically accounts . Dealing with rather high figures for example € 500 will still easily cover the cost of commissions.

Good Luck with your bet !