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my Tips

Here I'll share my favourite tips using a Masaniello progression. I'll post the match, the market and the stake. The Masaniello it's a 5/10 with average odd of 1.6. At the end of Masaniello or after 3 consecutive win since the first step I'll erase my previous progression. In this page i'll post the tips of the current Masaniello i'm using. If you want to access to my weekly tip you have to join betsports1x2 telegram channel. If you want to join you can contact me here and you'll receive my weekly tips to be profitable in the long run.

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INVEST to get 20% monthly

Hello visitors !!! My channel its active again. I'm starting postin only few tips with average odd between 1.20 to 1.5. The target of my tips its to earn at least 20% of our bankroll every month. After end of the month you can coumpound the bankroll or simple withdraw your winning. For a low budget bankroll coumpound its highly reccomended. I'm start today 16 october 2018 with a bankroll of 200€ . I bet 5% of my bankroll in every single bet. Do you know the meaning of 20% every month with the coumpound strategy? This is will the result after 1 year :

Here the example
1st month : 240€ because 40€ it's 20% of 200
2nd month : 288€
3rd month :  345,6
4th month : 414,6€ in 4 month you've already double your investment :)
5th month : 497,66€
6th month : 597,2€
7th month : 716,6
8th month : 860€
9th month : 1032€
10th month : 1238€
11th month: 1485€
12th month : 1782 € !!!!!!!
You will end with budget of 1582€ starting with only 200€ and 15820€ if you start with 2000€. Many professional bettor use a bankroll of 20.000€ so in one year you can earn 158.200€!!!
Do you still betting in multiple ? Invest its the key to have success in the world of betting.