Day: June 13, 2021

Money Way

Money Way Moneyway is an important indicator . You can get an idea about expectations for the outcome of a given sporting event. The more money wagered on a given sign from a sporting event, the greater the percent of the wagered money for it grows in relation to the other signs for the same…

Masaniello Progression

Masaniello Progression The Masaniello Progression was designed in 2002 by Massimo Mondò and Ciro Masaniello. This mathematical system written in Excel will give you the possibility to draw up a progression and estimated winnings. This method has an ultimate monetary goal, to be achieved through several bets. You will find the guide in this article….

Bet Explorer Statistics and odds site betexplorer Betexplorer is an online statistics portal that offers an innumerable and unique series of statistical representations that allow bettors or sports traders to face the market with an in-depth analysis of a football match or favorite sport on which you want to place a bet. Betexplorer turns out to…

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