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What is Betexplorer?

Betexplorer is a powerful tool for bettor widely used by betting enthusiasts. In fact, to bet methodically, this professional tool helps users with a lot of  football statistics and more.  Betexplorer gives the possibility to study recent useful results in a row, but also has different functions on sports markets such as football, tennis, basketball, volleyball etc. The database of this site is very significant as it contains all the results of the world football teams, such as how many victories in a row a team has reduced, or consecutive draws or losses to give an idea of how much that particular team may have a tendency to win, draw or lose.

How Betexplorer works?

Betexplorer is a tool that allows you to use all the statistics on sporting events available and more. Starting from this, Betexplorer gives users the ability to monitor odd changes almost minute by minute. What is this used for? Well, it certainly is important because there are many things that this  Betexplorer instrument allows to do. Let’s go in order by going to look at the services offered by this tool. In-depth statistics on all events, changes and lowering of odds, comparison of odds between different bookmakers, trend of odds and more.

Stats on each event

For each event, whether football or not, Betexplorer has a database full of statistics on both single events and total competition. This makes the tool useful for helping users to bet. Not only that, fans can take advantage of this site to make full use of the database which, in addition to the statistics, also updates all the odds on that event almost in real time.

Changes in odds

For each single event Betexplorer platform allows you to see both all the odds proposed by various bookies, but also their variations. Entering an event, in fact, there are both red and green arrows that indicate whether that odds for that sign is rising or falling, but not only. By choosing a odd, Betexplorer allows you to see the chronology of the variations of that odds over time. A truly unique and special tool for who can thus have a double function: avoid risky odds, sudden changes and also have a very useful chronological database available.

Comparative odds:

Betexplorer is a useful platform for betting lovers also because it allows you to understand where it is best to bet on a certain odds. The odds comparison, in fact, is made on each event and for each market it is possible to understand which operator at that moment is offering the highest odds. This is important for users because with the Betexplorer platform you can immediately understand on which operator to play the chosen odds, but also on which operator not to play it.

Odd Compiler

Betexplorer also allows you to compile your own ticket and choose the right filters for every occasion. Bettors, in fact, on the Italian Betexplorer platform, can use various types of filters to differentiate the bets. Through them, users can freely choose them and then let the Betexplorer database do it.

Popular Bets:

With this platform there is also the possibility for users to know on which sign, for a particular event, there have been more bets up to that moment. The Betexplorer tool, in fact, on the right side of the home lists the Popular Bets, that is, which is the most played sign for each event. With this tool I own a strategies that I use everyday.

Hot Streaks:

One another great Betexplorer tool are the Hot Streaks. This list is divided into Wins, Draws and Loss. They are the largest streaks of worldwide results in a row. This statistic is interesting because so many fans use it to understand how the trend of a single team is. For example, Milan comes from 7 wins in a row. This team plays at home on the day of the Championship and is definitely the favorite. What is this Hot Streak for? Well, certainly to know that the Milan is in excellent shape and could continue to win at home. Try to play against this team following the law that a team cannot always win.

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