December 9, 2022


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Betting Challenge

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Betting Challenge

The betting challenge is a system for betting which starts with placing a bet with a small amount of money and setting a final amount which aims to be reached by the betting person. If the first bet is won, the whole winning amount + the initial betting amount is placed on the next event. This is being repeated until the target is reached and the challenge is completed. After that, the challenge can be repeated with different amounts. Besides, this challenge could be combined and applied with one of the Free Daily Betting Tips which are being given on a daily basis by WhaleBets.

Step for the Challenge

  1. Create small preliminary bet.  For example 10 EUR, 15 EUR, 20 EUR.
  2. Set a target of an amount you would like to reach: 100 EUR, 1 000 EUR
  3. Choose your event carefully and do your research
  4. If the prediction is successful, choose next event and place a bet with the won amount and the stake of the first placed bet.
  5. Repeat step 4 until reaching the target which was set.
  6. If a bet is not won, return to action 3 and start the challenge all over again.

Betting challenge example

Betting challenge: 20 EUR- 1000 EUR

The betting challenge is the most exciting and easy to manage a system for betting! You can end up playing for a substantial revenue while risking small amounts.

Step #1: Odd is 1.50. Bet – 20.00 EUR. The bet is won. Revenue – 10EUR. New bank balance – 30.00 EUR.

Step #2: Odd is 1.50. Bet – 30.00 EUR. Revenue – 45 EUR. Repeat the same as Step #1.

Step #3: Odd is 1.70. Bet – 45 EUR. Revenue – 76.5 EUR. Repeat the same as Step #1.

Step #4: Odd is 1.50. Bet – 76.5EUR. Revenue – 114.75 EUR. Repeat the same as Step #1.

Step #5: Odd is 2.00. Bet – 114.75EUR. Revenue – 229.5EUR. Repeat the same as Step #1.

Step #6: Odd is 1.65. Bet – 229.5 EUR. Revenue – 378.67 EUR. Repeat the same as Step #1.

Step #7: Odd is 1.55. Bet – 378.67 EUR. Revenue – 587 EUR. Repeat the same as Step #1.

Step #8: Odd is1,8. Bet – 587 EUR. Revenue – 1056 EUR. Repeat the same as Step #1.

In this example, we needed 8 won bets to win 1 000 EUR with a betting amount of 20 EUR. As you can see on each next step, we are playing for more significant Revenue, and this is only risking amount used for the first bet.

Usually before proceeding with all the steps, I try to reach the 2 or 3 odds first in order to play with much less risk.

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