December 9, 2022


Invest in betting


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This site gives users the ability to monitor changes in Asian odds for matches around the world. After years of control and archiving, their study have found that the trend of similar changes in odds often leads to the same result. The team decided to separate the Asian configurations of each game, grouping them according to logical criteria, and the result was amazing. The method obtained, renamed the ‘ABS’ method, allows us today to have a detailed statistic for each variation of the games of the whole world.


I use this site because every day it gives very interesting Asian tips that are worth evaluating for single bets or simply evaluating live bets at a much higher odds. Clicking on NEXTGAME on AsianBetSoccer there are a list of today events and their tips.

The bet on Alert 1 is interesting because very often the live odds reach good opportunities to bet at a much higher odds than it initially was.

The best thing to do it’s to bet with a Masaniello and expecially check this site often. Than bet on Alert1 signals live. Keep track of your bets always.

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