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Masaniello is a money management method (cash management) among the most famous in the world of betting aimed at providing the optimal amount to play on a bet, taking into account the outcome of previous bets. With the same number of guessed events, this method allows for higher returns than traditional “combination” games, provided that the games played are in succession and not simultaneously.

Let’s start with an example

We have a budget of € 100 and we want to bet on 10 games (not simultaneous) with an average odd of 1.5.
Assuming you guess 7 out of 10 games:

By betting the same amount (€ 10) on all matches, we would have a profit of € 5.
By following the Masaniello instead we will get a profit of € 78.81!

Where’s the catch?

No tricks, just statistical / mathematical reasoning. In fact, Masaniello calculates the optimal amount to bet on the next bet based on the trend of the previous ones in the progression. This means that if 5 games have already passed and of these 5 we have guessed 4, the amount that will be recommended to play on the next will be lower than the previous ones, since the balance is already in surplus.

Practical example: Masaniello 3/5 @ 1.5

First of all, “Masaniello 3/5 @ 1.5” means that we play on a total of 5 events, assuming we guess at least 3 with an average odds of 1.5. We therefore want to invest our cash of € 25. In the image below you can find an example of the games recommended by Masaniello. As you can see, in the event of a loss, the method tends to raise the bets of subsequent bets, vice versa, in the event of a win, it lowers them. All to try to balance the final result.

When to use this progression?

One thing must be kept in mind: the Masaniello will always try to use all the available cash to achieve the final result. This means that if you do not guess the minimum number of games you have selected, you will lose all the cash. For this reason, it is always good to size the number of games you plan to guess appropriately at the start, without exaggerating.
The games are in succession: it is necessary to wait to know the outcome of the first to play on the second, and so on …

Do you want to do a quick test?

An excellent example to test the functioning of Masaniello is to try to take into consideration a method present on BigStake, view in the history the percentage of taking a particular sign or forecast, its average odd and try to set a Masaniello.

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