February 9, 2023


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Rebel Betting

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Rebel Betting

The platform number 1 for your surebets.

Sure betting turns gambling into a solid investment method. When you place a sure bet, you cover all outcomes in a match on different bookmaker websites. When the match has been played, you will win at least one of the bets you have placed, making a profit no matter how the match ends.

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Similar to day trading the difficulty here is finding the bets where you can make a profit. Another rather difficult thing is to have liquidity in bookmakers. It is also essential to know them well because not all are the same. The odds could change very quickly so being able to bet immediately benefits us a lot and makes us earn more.

Surebets are probably not part of a professional bettor’s strategy but it can be a betting activity that could be rewarding.

Another thing to take into account is the country where you live. In some countries it is not possible to register with some bookmakers.

For safety, it is better not to keep too much money in those little-known books.
Bookmakers then have a tendency to close the accounts of those who only arbitrage. Because they too will know that there is this method of making money.
To ensure that we do not close our accounts it would be advisable to bet sometimes like any other bettor. For example by making multiples or betting  randomly in variuos categories.

This is to make the books believe that you are betting for fun and not to profit from a surebet.

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