December 9, 2022


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What is moneyway?

Moneyway shows the volume of the money wagered for a given sporting event and also the volume of the wagers on a given sign at that sporting event. This is Moneyway service for football 1 X 2 market. The more money wagered on a given sign from a sporting event, the greater the percent of the wagered money for it grows in relation to the other sign/s for the same sporting event.

There are site that offer this service for free and it’s

As you can see on Volume is the total money wagered on this event based on and it’s divided in percentual to 1 X 2 market. More money on a signal not mean that it will be a winning bet but it gives us a signal to study.

How to choose the matches?

The best strategy is to take into account the last 30 minutes before the start of a game when the volumes have consolidated. Choose a moneyway between 60% and 90%. A share greater than 1.50. Insert other filters would be appropriate. By filters I mean other signals that could validate these signals.

Money Management on MoneyWay

If you want to rely only on these signals it will be very important to use money management. A strategy that is used in these cases is the martingale on odds of 2.00. In my opinion is always and in any case very risky. Or the lay on an exchange or the bet on the loss of the opposite team on the signal given by the moneyway. Masaniello will be the perfect solution for investor.

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