December 9, 2022


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What Are Tipsters?

When we talk about tipster, we must first of all say that it is an English word that derives from another word, namely “tips” that means advice. In practice, these are people or groups of people who give advice to other users, tips on football, basketball, tennis and so on.

Of course, these are not gurus, but simply people who have a certain passion for betting and for the study of data and in-depth analysis. As a result, they have a better chance of guessing the right prediction. This is why they are very popular with web users who may not have the skills or the time to carry out such a complete series of analyzes.

We repeat, however, and we will do it later, that following a tipster does not in any way mean always winning also because it would be impossible. Sports, in fact, are also based on luck, so it would be absurd to be able to predict a series of variables that are so different from each other. If we consider football, for example, a player could be sent off after a few minutes for a sprawling but involuntary entry.

In fact, when you choose to follow the advice of a tipster, even if we are talking about who is among the best Tipster in Telegram, the choice to bet, and consequently the possible responsibility for a loss, always depends on you.

Why Do They Do It?

This is a good question. Everyone is asking for the best Telegram Tipster instead of betting for themselves and enjoying the winnings, prefer to share their secrets with unknown people? In fact, they do it for a few different reasons.

First of all, being able to share one’s joy for a victory is certainly a very pleasant emotion, especially if it was the tipster who generated this joy.

In some cases, to receive tips to follow, you need to pay a sort of monthly or annual fee. This, guarantees the tipster a certain income, at least for a certain period of time regardless of whether tennis or any other kind of bets have been successful or not.

Then there is also the advertising and collaboration factor to consider. Bookmakers, for example, could ask tipster to promote their site, or create a special promotion only for users of that group. Thus, both the Tipster and the users benefit from it.

Finally, fame is certainly a motivation that is inherent in every tipster. Everyone dreams of being famous, of being able to become a point of reference for others, of receiving compliments and thanks for having procured winnings.

Invest on tipster

I suggest following the tipster by choosing the few but good ones. It would be impossible to follow one who posts numerous coupons. The ideal is to find bettors who bet singles by posting one to two bets per day. Choose those tipster who regularly post all their results from months but also from past years.
Add adequate money management. Of course, not all tipsters might be profitable. In my experience they are very few. Also because it is a very difficult discipline that also requires rather expensive tools for professionals.

In reality, there are groups of people who, upon payment, can access software, telegram bots, paid sites and many other interesting things that cannot be found for free. Find such a group and it could really help with your bets. They are very difficult to find and are mostly limited.

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