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Progression Strategy

What is a betting progression?

The progression in betting is a strategy to win with method, following a rigorous system that, if set correctly, allows to obtain a profit in the medium to long term. A progression of bets, made up of different steps (single or multiple bets, at predefined odds), can be opened or closed, depending on the presence or absence of a final objective (the achievement of a certain cash balance). To play a betting progression it is preferable to start with an abundant cash, able to sustain any initial losses.

Progression at 20% increment for multiple

This strategy posed here is not recommended for new bettor without experience. It’s better to get experience playing with fixed-stakes multiples trying to win odds of 5.

Why odds of 5?

This method consists in creating multiples at odds of about 5 achievable by joining a weekend game with a high probability of winning. If you lose we will have to increase the next stake by 20%. I have chosen a 5 odd because with this method you will always win a 5 odd which will cover all the losses in case the progression becomes long. In the sense that if we lose the first bet, then the second and third and instead we win the fourth we will win the 5 odds of the first stake and we will cover all the losses.

Example using betexplorer

This is an example using tools where I can choose popular bets of today with a lot of clicks number. If you don’t know how to use betexplorer read this article.  In betexplorer you can choose the event and create a multiple. Choose the event with more clicks and popularity such Sevilla – Granada. You can see Sevilla have 119 clicks. It’s mean that most of the bettor think that Sevilla can win this match.  Of course you can create a multiple on your own without using betexplorer.


Step 1


Ad Sevilla and many other event such as I do here or whatever you like. The total odds must be 5 and not less . It can be higher but it will be more hard to win.

On overall odds / 5 matches you can see the total odd on different booksmaker. If you have cash you adjust your multiple on Pinnacle in this case. It’s up to you. If for example on Betfair you can not reach the odds of 5 go to bet365 and bet your multiple there. In this example I start betting with 10$ on bet365.

10$ x 5.42= 54,2$ //  Profit if I win this bet will be 44,2$ . If I lose we try another multiple using the progression explained on Step 2


Step 2

On Step 2 we start using progression on the stake. We generate a multiple like in the Step 1 using our abilities to choose the bets. Yes because the progression can be last on infinity and if you not win you will have to put up with wagering a lot of money that you cannot afford. That’s why I said it’s a progression for expert bettors.

In the first step I had bet € 10 so to calculate how much I have to bet on the next step simple I calculate the 20% of 10.

10/100=0,1   0,1×20=2 <– This is how much you have to add on the next stake

Next Stake on Step 2 will be 10+2=12$

On the multiple with an average odd of 5 bet 12$.

If you lose this step again so add the 20% of 12 on the next stake and create another multiple.

Step 3

On the next step you have to add more stake such on the Step 2. If you win this bet so you have complete the progression.

Next stake will be 14,4. If you can not bet exactly 14,4 you have to round according to whether the odds are low or high. If higher than 5 it rounds to 14. If the odds are a little low by 5 for example 4.90 round to 15. In this case, however, the next bet will have to be calculated 20% more on 15 instead of 14. There is no precise rule. If it wins you will still cover your losses and win that smaller or larger odds.

Let’s see how much you have win in this case.

I have bet 14$ on a multiple of 5.1

14,4×5= 72

On 72 I have to subtract stake on Step 3 , stake on Step 2 and Step 1

72-14,4-12-10= 35,6


TIPS where to use this progression:

I suggest to use this progression to release turnover out of the bookmakers bonus.  For example on you can obtain a bonus of 100% of your first deposit up to 100$. To make this bonus withdrawable you have to foollowing these rules :

The bonus comes with wagering requirements of 5X. You also need to include at least 3 or more events in any accumulator bets, and at least 3 of these events must have odds of 1.40 or higher.  Read our article about Betwinner here.

Using the progression you can easily bet 5x of your bankroll. Try it!!!




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