February 9, 2023


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The surebet is a winning technique that ensures you 100% winnings on sports bets.

The principle of the surebet is to take advantage of the difference between the odds offered by the various bookmakers on the same match and to bet on the best odds for the 3 or 2 results, identifying the exact amount of the stake to ensure a profit regardless of the outcome of the match.

With the multitude of bookmakers existing on the Internet , it can sometimes happen that the difference between the odds for the same result is high, generating a consistent surebet.

Making money with surebets could be a good way to make some extra money every month. However, there are some problems that you will surely encounter. These will greatly reduce your earning potential:

  • Access:  It depends on where you live you will not be able to register with some bookmakers. It’s not a big deal but it limits your earnings. To get around this problem you can use VPNs and always register if your country has not been excluded from membership and not only from viewing.
  • Bookmakers Scam: I do not recommend depositing large amounts in unlicensed or unknown bookmakers. If they don’t make you withdraw then you will lose the money you have in your account.
  • Limitations: This is the most common problem. Bookmakers know well that how people who make sure bets behave and if they have the slightest suspicion they will significantly reduce your betting limits making it impossible to create a profit. However, not all bookmakers limit. Exchanges, for example, do not. Pinnaclesport or 188bet for example do not limit the stakes and you can safely bet any amount. Obviously there are limits here too but we are talking about very high limits that not everyone can afford.


How Much Can You Earn?

You can earn a lot in the first few months. It depends on the capital of money you have made available. You can easily earn even more than $ 1000 a month if you have at least $ 5000 available and with the help of paid tools for finding bets. This money is only for placing bets and you will not have to bet anything on the lot.

However, there are risks and mistakes that could make you lose money and affect your earnings. For example, if in one bookmaker you have bet $ 500 at odds 2 and in the other you have to bet another € 497 at odds 2.1 as in the example in the image below.

In this case your profit will be around 24$ or € .  But if you have already bet the € 500 and then you discover that the bookmaker where you were to bet € 476 limited you that day then you will have to put your heart in peace and try to cover the bet with a lower odds by looking for odds in other bookmakers. In this case the surebet may or may not be profitable or you may lose some money that you will still recover with other surebets.

So pay attention to how much money you bet in a single bet and especially in which bookmaker. In fact, most bookmakers may immediately limit you if they find that you only play surebets.


How to avoid bookmakers limitations?

The vast majority of bookmakers don’t like professionals because they deprive them of their profits. This is why they apply all sorts of stakes and blocking restrictions. Here are the tips for having a very long career in making surebets:

  • Round up your bets: You should always try to round bets to the best possible way. Nobody would think of betting € 43.76 for a game and neither should you.
    Try to round to at least one multiple of five. For example, instead of betting € 43.76 on a single bookmaker, bets € 45.
  • Place your bets in order: Always confirm your bet on the bookmaker you think is less willing to accept the bet or has lower betting limits.
    An example of this are the bets between Bwin and Pinnacle. Since Bwin is more likely to have a lower limit on a market (a limit that is not seen until you try to place the bet), it is a good idea to bet on Bwin first and then on Pinnacle. Some bookmakers don’t show how much you can bet at most and they are most of them. Others instead show openly or by clicking on a link when at most you can bet and adjust accordingly.
  • Compare the odds: If you see arbitrage that sounds too good to be true, it probably has something wrong with it.
    Before betting blindly, check the odds of other bookmakers. If you find that a bookmaker is definitely out of alignment with the others, think twice before placing a bet.
    Betting on clearly wrong odds is a symptom for the bookmakers of an arbitrage hunter.
  • Do not make unnecessary withdrawals:  If you have won a few bets in a row in a particular bookmaker, yours funds will begin to add up. If not you necessarily need to
    fund your e-wallet, not make withdrawals. Some bookmakers require a fee for withdrawal and some have a limit of one withdrawal free per month like Pinnacle. Others have withdrawals
    free, but you shouldn’t abuse them though unnecessary. Maintaining the minimum withdrawals, your account will not it will probably be overhauled by the bookmaker. Do not withdraw the entire balance from the bookmaker, withdraws up to about 70%, a customer who withdraws large sums might attract attention as it might look like a professional standing by transferring funds. You can do it simply with arbitrages with high odds on the bookmaker from which you want to make the transfer e low odds on the bookmaker you want transfer to 0% no matter what the size of the arbitration. The purpose it’s just to move money and keep a low profile without attracting the attention of bookmakers.

Surebets provider

You can start doing surebets using a software that will search for you and updated in real time. Read about Rebel Betting software article here.

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