December 9, 2022


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Matched Betting

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Matched Betting

With Matched Betting  it’s possible to earn by taking advantage of the welcome bonuses that the various betting sites offer us. Simply by betting a certain result on a bookmaker and then lay on Betfair or do dutching on other bookmaker. Thus covering any result. By playing bookmaker bonuses we guarantee a safe profit regardless of the final result. In fact, a very high percentage of the bonus can be collected.

How much do you earn with Matched Betting?

You can earn $ 2,000 to $ 5,000 a year by spending a few hours a week. In the beginning we have many earning opportunities thanks to the numerous welcome bonuses. Once these opportunities are over, the bookmakers will continue to offer us weekly or monthly bonuses that we can somehow cash out. The $ 5,000 per year can be exceeded if you can afford to work with an account in the name of another person or people such as a friend or relative.

What are the risks?

There is no risk! In fact, by betting the welcome bonus, it will become ours without losing any of our money. However, there is human error. If you enter the exact amounts wrong or event wrong you could lose money. However, it is possible to limit these losses by betting at other bookmakers. We are going to take advantage of the bookmakers’ welcome bonuses, it is a 100% tested and verified method, where there is a mathematical gain.

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What do I need to do matched betting?

It will be essential to sign up with bookmakers with your real details and to be of legal age. This is because in order to collect the identity verification it will be necessary. For verification you will need an identity document but sometimes also a verification through a bill of a user in your name.

It will be essential to have an account on a betting exchange such as Betfair. Necessary for the back and lay of your bonuses. Think about if you have a € 100 bonus. If you bet € 100 on a bookmaker and bank it on an exchange then mathematically this money will be yours. Bonuses like this generally need to be wagered at least once. If you win then you have the money in the bookmaker. If you lose you have the money on the exchange where you won the bet. I recommend to use of Paypal to deposit and withdraw which is used by most bookmakers to withdraw and deposit for free. Not only. Sending money from Paypal to your bank account is free. I also recommend Neteller and Skrill which are also free.


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