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Odd Storm

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Odd Storm

If your main goal is to make money through sports betting, OddStorm is definitely a very useful tool to start this new journey. You no longer have to prepare for a loss just because your team has lost. With this surebet scanner, you will always ensure a profit no matter what the outcome. Sports betting will thus become an entertainment activity that can, however, bring you profit. And with the right tools, it will be about substantial profits. Our OddStorm review goes into more detail on all of these features.


What is OddStorm?

OddStorm is an arbitrage betting scanner that observes the betting market and identifies all arbitrage situations. It is managed by OddStorm Limited, an organization made up of highly motivated sports experts, developers and consultants. Try the software to realize that the team behind its development is made up of professionals.

This surebet software scans hundreds of bookmakers in one day. Their scanning speed is unmatched, making them one of the leaders in the surebet market. If you are determined to have guaranteed profits, this software was created for you. If you love football, OddStorm is perfect, not surprisingly focusing on a great variety of football matches. In general, the site mostly focuses on football, and while the fact that there is only one discipline among the available availabilities may seem like a downside, the platform offers arbs for several cross-markets. Furthermore, this “limitation” makes the platform faster, giving its users an advantage.


How does OddStorm work?

OddStorm analyzes the world of football betting on 72 different bookmakers. In this way, this surebet software collects the best odds every second. This helps them identify the most profitable arbitrage opportunities. If you place your bets based on these arbs, you will be able to earn money regardless of the results. However, possibilities like these don’t last long. You’ll have to be quick, but luckily, this is one of the fastest surebet scanners in the world. You will never miss an arbitrage opportunity. The software identifies surebets and calculates them for you. All you have to do is choose your favorite odds, go to the betting screen and proceed with the bet that suits you best. That’s all! Notably, it offers both Prematch and Inplay bets. Regardless of your tastes, you will never be limited by unprofitable betting markets.


Layout and user experience

OddStorm is available in two modes. It can be accessed via a web browser or via their own desktop application, downloadable from their official website. As for the design of the web interface, it is probably not the best on the market, but if you are familiar with other arb services, you will move easily. The interface consists of three parts. On the left, you will find filters through which you can customize the bets and bookmakers you are looking for. In the middle, you’ll find a surebet calculator, with the arbs displayed on the left. Details on the various Arbs are also displayed in this space.

Using the desktop app, your credentials will be automatically saved so that every time you want to use the service, the app will log in automatically. That’s why the app is more convenient.


Mobile compatibility

You can also use the scanner on mobile devices, but you will still need to use a browser. The downloadable app is only available on a PC, but there should be no limitations from the browser. The screen will inevitably be smaller, but it’s nothing unmanageable. It will be comparable to mobile app betting as usual. Overall, OddStorm’s mobile functionality is nothing to criticize.


Subscription rates

This is one of the more expensive surebetting software. However, the services definitely seem to be worth the price, and for this reason it is acceptable that the prices are not too affordable. In particular, the available subscriptions are two: VIP and VIP Plus.

For VIP members, the rates for “Prematch and Inplay” are:

For 1 day: € 14
1 week: € 95
1 month: € 295
6 months: € 1475
1 year: € 2655

For VIP Plus members, the rates are:

1 month: € 390
6 months: € 1950
1 year: € 3510

You can pay this subscritions with Skrill, Neteller or Paypal.

It is a recommended tool for all arbers who prefer football to other disciplines. Unfortunately, the software isn’t ideal for beginners. The high price of the service could be another deterrent, but if you have been in the industry for a long time, we are sure you could definitely appreciate the services offered by OddStorm. The platform always updates quickly and the surebet calculator tool is super efficient. The software is also continuously improving to meet the needs of bettors.

If it looks very expensive for you try Rebel Betting software that is very easy for beginner.

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