Betexplorer Strategy

Betexplorer Strategy

This betting strategy is used a lot mainly for its ease of use and for the time it saves you. It is based on the use of betexplorer populars bets which are bets on football events among the most interesting.

Betting Strategy


Set a masaniello with a return of 10% of your initial bankroll.

This set up  made on is an example :


ROI it’s the return of your budget when you complete the progression.

The Balance it will be your profit and the final budget will be your new initials budget

You can use integer values if you bookmaker give you the possibilities to play wiht cents.

Usually bookmaker minimun bet it’s 2€ but there are some bookmaker that give you the possibility to bet with stake low than 2€

LS BET offer bets from 50cent of $/€ and a bonus up to 120$/€ for new clients.



Go to betexplorer and choose the games reported on populars bets and build a stake of about 1.5 with a single or multiple
populars bets


Now follow the masa progression once you create your masaniello.


The 10% return on masaniello is very low but in reality our ultimate goal is to achieve much higher ROIs. For example if we want to reach 300% of our initial budget we have to use the masaniello in another way as explained in this guide here …

Basically reinvesting everything as soon as we have made a profit from the current masa we are using. We set the new initial budget with a profit and start the progression again. This technique called “compound” allows you to never get to the lower areas of the Masaniello where it could be difficult and worrying to try to keep your nerve and keep winning our bets.



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