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Betexplorer is an online statistics portal that offers an innumerable and unique series of statistical representations that allow bettors or sports traders to face the market with an in-depth analysis of a football match or favorite sport on which you want to place a bet.

Betexplorer turns out to be one of the most complete sites by treating the odds in a comparative, analytical and historical way.

Before going into the details of how Betexplorer works, and understand all the potential of use, it is right to remember how the world of statistics can help you find winning bets, but not to ensure them 100%. It is also important to know how to use the site and to know the basic English language since the platform is totally in the English language.

What betexplore platform offers us:


  1. Statistics : the data are everywhere on the site and range from individual data, on individual teams, to the trends of the various competitions. This means that you can know which team is in the best form in Serie A (who has the most consecutive wins), or which is the one that scores the most, or does more Over 2.5, but also in which league there are more draws. The Betexplorer database is boundless and consists of the most common numbers to the most niche ones, to find the right statistic to consider.
  2. Odds Movements: one of the most useful functions of Betexplorer is to present the change path of a multiplier. In the part dedicated to the odds there is that of the Odds Movements in which it is possible to filter the fluctuations based on the event, time and extent of the variation. In this way we understand which event was most affected by a odds changed, then going to discuss the reasons.
  3. Odds comparison: a great classic of this type of site is the presentation of the comparative odds of a given outcome among multiple bookmakers. All this helps us to understand where it is more convenient to place our bet. Based on the frequency of use of Betexplorer, a wealth of experience is also created with which to get to know the betting sites peculiarly, understanding which are the best according to the parameter of the goodness of the multipliers.
  4. My Selection : it is the personal coupon that is created on the right by selecting your choices. I can simulate my game and, based on the comparison work of an internal tool, understand where I should go and play it. All this can also be done directly from the Betexplorer redirect link which leads to the chosen site with a single click.
  5. Popular Bets: Betexplorer’s popular betting section is one of the most useful. We are talking about a sort of thermometer of the betting market in which it is highlighted how much one outcome is hotter than others. this tool allows you to see where most of the users of betexplorer have entered their prediction in a particular event.. In addition to encouraging us on our choice, it is a factor to consider because it could affect the change in odds. Betexplorer provides basic bet types such as the 1 × 2 sign or Under/Over.
  6. Streakes : as we said above we have arrived at the Betexplorer part of the open series. This section helps us to understand which are the most recurrent consecutive outcomes in a given competition or of a single team. For exampleif Milan comes from 7 consecutive wins or if they come from 9 signs Over 2.5 that they score a lot or defend badly. It is up to the individual player to choose if a series can continue, or whether it will soon see its course interrupted. The series are important because they are of a different nature. There are many people who play against the Streakes because they think that the laws of large numbers must be broken sooner or later.


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