Success in betting

Success in betting, how to be successful in sports betting

There are some rules to have success in betting and being a professional bettor:

  • The first rule its to not bet more than of your 5% on your initial bankroll. The 2% it’s enough for a single bet. If you’re using a progression you should use a part of your entire bankroll. For example if you have 1000€ spend 10€ to 50€ for each betting. Less if you think your prediction have less probabilities to come out or more if you think thera are more probabilities.
  • Focus on 1 or 2 more specific league to have more info about . In this way you will have the chance to see a mistake in the probabilities that reflect the bookmaker through its odds.
  • Paper betting and always write down a history of your bets so you can know your mistakes and betting statistics based on several months.
  • Study technical analysis to find out which teams have the form or motivation to win. will help you to study the matches and know at a glance the motivated and fit teams to win.
  • If you running on a bad period don’t change your profitable strategy. In the long run you’ll be the winner. Maybe you can adjust something in your strategy during the test on your Paper betting.
  • If have losing your bankroll maybe you have a bad strategies or . You’ll need to study another strategy for the next season.Or you are the victim of emotional states that have made you wrong your predictions. It is normal in the world of betting but this thing can be adjusted by positively continuing your winning strategy.


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