Masaniello Progression

Masaniello Progression

The Masaniello Progression was designed in 2002 by Massimo Mondò and Ciro Masaniello. This mathematical system written in Excel will give you the possibility to draw up a progression and estimated winnings. This method has an ultimate monetary goal, to be achieved through several bets. You will find the guide in this article.

The purpose of Masaniello is to optimize the bets having clear the final goal to be achieved. In this case the principle of Tartaglia’s triangle applies. Knowing the amount invested, in fact, it is possible to establish the Return of Investment as traders do on the stock exchange.

Where to download Masaniello online in Excel or how to use it on your smartphone with the app

The Masaniello system, as mentioned, is a sports betting system that uses a progression and, to do so, makes use of Excel through a software created ad hoc. Searching on the web where to download the Masaniello system it is possible to find the software download in various sites. Masaniello is currently available for PCs with a Windows operating system. This system is also present for mobile. In fact, it is possible to find the download of the Masaniello system for Android and iOS.

  1. (for desktop)
  2. Obiettivo Win (for Apple)
  3. Beat The Dealer (for Android)

After downloading one of these two applications, just click on generate progression. At this point, a screen will open where you can choose the name and description of the system and also the minimum bet for the single bet. After saving the progression, you can set the Masaniello by choosing the number of events, the expected ones, the average odd and the initial cash.

To better understand how the Masaniello method works, it is good to explain some fundamental parameters in detail:

The initial budget or how much money you are willing to invest in the Masaniello system;
Each odds on which you want to bet must be specified;
The total number of events in play and those expected to hit;
Once all the data has been entered in the Excel sheet we will be ready to use the Masaniello method. Thanks to an algorithm we will be able to immediately view the possible winnings to be obtained and how much you need to bet for each event. The amount of the next bet will be calculated directly by the program taking into account the previous one.

Progression can end in two cases:

The events we had set out were all guessed right;
There has already been an investment, the events that it was thought could be hit have not been taken and the box is empty;

The power of progression using the masaniello lies in the custom set up and later use than what it was designed for.
The progression in its ordinary state is already many times difficult in itself if we are not good forecasters.
But using it wisely can have fantastic effects. Just using it not only to finish the progression but instead to reach your target with the help of your masa set up.


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