Pro Bettor

The different between a gambler and a pro bettor its in their mind. A gambler bet his money to try his luck. A pro bettor invest their money. To have a successful betting carrer you have to perform your self analysis, to learn to control your emotions , have a good strategy and a good money managment

1 – Trend of your Analysis

Keep track of wins or losses and strike rates. But to become a successful bettor you need to find trends in your results. You must use all of the analytical skills that you apply to selecting bets, to perform a profitable account of your own betting record. In this way you will find the true nature of your edge. Discovering trends in fixture timing can be a telling factor as well. When the trend its goin bad you have to find what wrong in your betting and try to adjust. You can try to use for example more betting tools, to remain in your rules of betting, for example using the same average odd. When you see a successful pattern you can refine it to have more success.

2 – Control your emotions

Everyone has an emotional weakness in their game. Perhaps you are susceptible to chasing losses or maybe you place hasty bests due to overconfidence during a long winning streak. Either way, these emotional responses are affecting your results. Develop a hypersensitivity to your particular emotional weaknesses and investigate how they are influencing your betting. Think back to all of the times where emotion has influenced the picks you have made and think of all the profits it has cost you. Once you have done this, it will be much easier to realise in the future what is happening and to control your instincts before you act. The bookmaker is counting on you to become victim to the emotional chemistry in you brain. Channel these feelings into a more positive mindset and use logical calculation instead of emotional reaction to maintain your edge. It is crucial that you identify your emotional weaknesses and do your best to eliminate them from your process.

3 – Refine Your Strategy

When you started betting you may have experimented with a lots of different strategies such as doing form research, creating statistical systems, or combining several different methods. In order to get serious about your betting method you need to focus on what is the most proven method for you. Never cut corners and never be in a rush to place a bet just because the line initially looks good to you. It is better to place no bet at all, than to place a bet through a half hearted and haphazard research process. You must be disciplined to go through your full process with each bet. A professional has no time for untested systems and approaches. If you want to try a new system or have an idea for a new edge, first paper trade that strategy for an extended period of time. After trialling the approach, first put it into practice with very small stakes, only then if it continues to prove successful should you fully incorporate it into your overall betting strategy.

4 – Money Managment

If you’re a successful punter looking to take your betting to the next level and become a professional, then you are likely already implementing a sound staking plan. To become a true professional bettor you must continue applying a sound staking plan and treating your betting and your betting bankroll as an investment. Whether that be an investment that you wish to skim regular profits off as a secondary or perhaps primary source of income, or treat your betting bankroll as ‘hands off’ investment fund is up to you. Like any investment plan, you need money to make money. So even if you are showing the ability to make a profit from your betting, in order to make a living at it, your first priority is in building your bankroll.