Tx Odds


TX ODDS is a paid portal used mostly by professional bettors.
It is a platform where you can study the variations in odds proposed by almost all the bookmakers in the world.

Here’s what the site looks like.

First of all we note that the values ​​are divided according to the signs 1X2, indicating that they refer to the victory of one of the two teams or to a draw. These are parameters defined as “relative”

“N” indicates the number of bookmakers in the world that have changed the odds after the initial odd

“Up” indicates the number of books that raised the odds of this market

“Dn” indicates the number of books that lowered the odds of this market

“Ca” is the CURRENT average share of this market

“Ia” is the INITIAL average share of that market

So these parameters represent the first fifteen columns and each can be selected to sort the games according to this parameter by simply clicking on one of them.
Example: I want to see how many agencies have LOWER the odds of the tie,
so I select the down arrow of “dn” under the X sign and the site will sort the games in descending order
of bookmakers who have lowered the odds of the tie

There are also two other parameters, which are to be defined “absolute” because they do not refer to any
particular market, namely:

“OCI” (Odds Change Index) indicates the frequency of change of the odds, the higher this value is the more
it means that the odds have undergone changes. this is an important value to always keep an eye on

“Bfamnt” is an index provided by betfair which indicates the volume of bets (in euros) placed on the bookmaker
in relation to this event.


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