Your Own Strategy

Your Own Strategy 

The second way to invest in betting is to create your own strategy.  A stategy created with a paper betting, which gives positive results in a timeframe of at least one year. Paper betting can be set up on excel but you need to study it’s success in the long run.

For example, if you are good at placing Over and Under tips and manage to get a good 20% monthly compared to the initial budget and a good 50% per year, which in the world of betting is a feasible thing.

Invest € 1000 of your savings and at the end of the year you will find yourself with € 200 or € 500 more. If you think that with composite interests you can become much more profitable, you can understand that investing in betting is a profitable way of income. However, unlike other investments where you only have to insert capital and leave it ,in betting, we must move the capitals inside our bookmakers account and place daily bets.

If you are thinking of investing a lot of money, take into serious consideration to consider only the deposit in bookmakers for professionals who can still pay you very high amounts.

Bet365 , and are the most used from professional bettor in all the world.

Consider to use both strategy : Your Own Strategy and Follow a Tipster

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