Bet explorer is a platform is easy to navigate and extremely rich in very useful information for all sports who wish to analyze all the data relating to sports teams and competitions before placing a bet.

Bet explorer is a tool that will allow you to check the statistics of the events, matches or teams you intend to bet on at any time, as well as compare the odds offered by the best online bookmakers.

By connecting to this platform you will be able to analyze all the data relating to a race or a specific team; not only related to the football market, but also to basketball, tennis, volleyball, hockey and handball.

What is it for?

Analyzing the data on Betexplorer will not give you the certainty of making a winning bet, but it will allow you to understand which bet could give you the best chance of winning.

The world of betting, as you certainly know, cannot give you any kind of security. Learning to analyze data and statistics you will be able to minimize the risks and you will learn how to place winning bets.

In addition to the statistics, Betexplorer also allows you to keep the odds under control, not only by making comparisons between those offered by the various bookmakers, but also by analyzing the fluctuations.

There is another free tools to analyze the odds fluctuations and to search the dropping odds and it is mathodds.

How to use Betexplorer

You’ve decided to try to take advantage of the statistics available on Betexplorer to place bets, but you’re wondering how to find the information you need and how to analyze it to make winning bets?

Bet explorer, used correctly, can help you understand how a team is doing and what is the trend is in a specific league.

In the upper part you can select the sport of your interest, so as to view only data, odds and statistics relating to that market.

The sports available are Soccer , Basketball, Hockey , Tennis, Volleyball, Handball and you can analize any player of club and find the best bet to place. By the way a newbie on betting analyse can not know how to make a good prediction.

Bet Explore Menu

Summary: the summary of the first 10 scheduled events with the average odds of the two teams in the race indicated. By clicking on the teams, you access a page where the odds offered by the main online bookmakers are compared. Scrolling down it is then possible to discover some statistics relating to the teams that take part in the selected championship, such as the games won, drawn and lost;

Results: this page allows you to view the results of previous games and to find out if there have been penalties during the game;

Next Match: here you can view all the scheduled events, selecting the day of your interest, and view the odds;

Popular Bets: this is a very interesting section, as it shows the races that have received the highest number of bets on Bet explorer. By viewing this page, it is possible to get an idea of the progress of the bets and the evaluations made by the other players. Knowing how others play is of fundamental importance as it will help you understand how the odds could evolve.

Odds Filter: this page shows the odds relating to 1X2 for each scheduled match;

Odds Movements: this page allows you to keep the odds fluctuations of the various events under control by filtering them by time, type of event and percentage of variability. With the analysis of this data it’s possible to evaluate which events have been subject to the largest variations in odds and to go and look for the causes. For example, the oscillation could have been caused by some injury suffered by one of the leading players of the team given as the favorite.

My Selection: the My Selection section allows you to simulate a bet and immediately compare the various odds made available by the main online betting platforms, so you can immediately decide which bet to play on. Once you have chosen the best bookmaker, all you have to do is click on it to be immediately directed to the site;

Streaks: this page shows the series, i.e. the outcomes that resulted to be the most frequent for each team or for each event. For example, we could notice that the football team on which we thought we were betting has obtained 5 victories one after the other or has 6 Over 3.5 signs. The data on this page are purely statistical and each player decides, according to his own experience, whether to consider the series still continuing or whether, on the contrary, to aim for the opposite. There are many players who take advantage of the series to find out which ones have been going on for the longest time and aim for the opposite, guided by the fact that sooner or later a string of victories or failures must end;

Betexplorer livescore: the betexplorer livescore page is the most sought after and followed, as it allows you to monitor the results of the match minute by minute. Livescores are very useful especially for those who do sports trading, as they allow them to decide and and when to Cash Out.

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