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Copybet is a platform dedicated to betting that contains various functions connected to the world of sports betting: a real bookmaker, a competition between tipsters and the so-called “Social Betting” or the possibility of sharing and/or copying one’s bets from others in automatically and make money with them. An alternative way to compose Safe Football Predictions and aim to win on the Best Betting Sites.

What is Copybet and how does it work?

This program, with an English license is directly connected with the Betfair bookmaker and in particular with the Betting Exchange platform.

The basic idea that started this project is taken from some of the major financial trading sites but also from some other forecasting programs, with the big difference that with Copybet the bet we are going to copy is played automatically on the our gaming account.

How does CopyBet work?

Registration on the Copybet portal is free, but to be able to use it effectively you need to have an active Betfair account. In fact, it is from here that the funds that we are going to play on Copybet will be withdrawn.

The first step following registration is therefore to connect our Copybet account to our Betfair wallet which must contain money previously deposited. There is no demo or trial mode, so we’re going to spend real money right away, but upon registration we’ll receive a $10 Welcome Bonus.

You can use this credit to follow some tipsters or to play directly on the linked bookmaker.

The Copybet platform can be used both from PC and mobile, on iOS and Android devices.

Copybet Sportsbook

A real bookmaker has recently been available on the portal for registered users, which has nothing to envy to the main bookmakers operating on the Italian market.

We have a very broad schedule that also gives space to many non-sports disciplines such as e-sports, treated here in a broader way than perhaps anywhere else, and also to bets on events such as shows and TV programs.

The odds are in the average of the competition, it is possible to choose between pre-match odds and live odds and there is also a decent statistics center to support our bets.

The bookmaker is Curacao licensed.

How to copy a bet slip with Copybet ?

Copybet offers a double possibility: copying the coupons from standard users or proposing itself as a tipster. In this second case, all we have to do is play and climb a special ranking in order to highlight ourselves in the eyes of the public of standard users, let us follow them, and earn based on the number of our coupons that they decide to copy.

The better we are, the more followers we will earn, the higher we will go in the rankings and the greater our earnings will be obviously.

If we prefer to leave the “dirty work” to others, our reference point for selecting the coupons to copy is the Best Tipster Ranking.

Choosing the tipster

Initially the tipsters are ordered based on profit, but we can reorder the ranking based on other criteria, such as the longevity of subscription to the platform, to understand who has a greater continuity of results in the medium to long term or the number of followers /subscribers and the risk level of the bets.

By selecting a particular name, we have access to the tipster’s personal file, from where more detailed information can be obtained:

Obviously we have to find the tipster that best suits our possibilities and intentions. In this sense, the value to be taken into greater consideration in addition to obviously the profit is certainly the risk level, given that following an aggressive tipster involves greater risks. Some users allow free copying of the coupons, while others apply a weekly subscription cost which is then divided with Copybet.

If our favorite tipster has a subscription, you need to deposit funds in the Copybet wallet, which is therefore different from the Betfair account linked to the profile. 1 credit corresponds to one US dollar, but obviously the conversion into our currency takes place automatically. An average subscription is around 5 credits per week or $0.10 per single event.

Once we have definitively chosen the tipster, clicking on the “START COPY” button will open a popup with which we will set the copy methods and then we will have to confirm.

Like Trading

We can set some data so that everything then takes place as automatically as possible:

Loss Limit : that is the maximum loss accepted, very useful especially when you don’t know the tipster or in any case to possibly stop a negative series.

Copying Ratio : the bets proposed by the tipsters contain their own amount. We can decide to bet a lower percentage than the tipster bet.

Specific Sport : tipsters can propose bets on different sports, so we are given the possibility of accepting only bets relating to some sports, discarding others.

Once the settings have been confirmed, the tipster’s bets will also be automatically made on our Exchange Betfair account. Unfortunately it is not possible to know in advance how many plays will be published by our tipster in a given period of time, therefore we must pay the utmost attention to our gaming account before finding it surprisingly empty.

Copybet Mobile App

We can download the official Copybet application directly from the betfair website, available for both Android and iOS systems.

Certainly the distribution of a special app is a positive aspect and thus allows us to be able to access the portal in mobility and comfort.

The functions are equal to those of the desktop version as well as the speed of loading and management of the various pages and tabs.

Opinions on Copybet

Undoubtedly Copybet represents an evolution and a novelty of betting programs. We cannot speak of Scientific Predictions. Tipster plays and there is no algorithm underlying the production of the suggested coupons.

Certainly the fact of being able to automatically play the coupons suggested is a significant new features. Just as the competition between the various tipsters and the ranking are well thought out.

So on an abstract level, Copybet is certainly a valid platform that deserves attention. But it is necessary to start from the basic consideration that we are talking about an English product. So by looking from the situation of the English betting market.

Copybet is connected to the Betting Exchange market of

Although in great expansion, at the moment the users who dedicate themselves to Back and Lay are in a much lower percentage than standard bettors, which already limits the potential audience of interested in the offer from the outset.

Copybet could become a leading platform capable of attracting a lot of attention from enthusiasts.

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