Money management is the basis of any betting strategy and it is definitely the most aspect
overlooked by the vast majority of people punters.
Absurdly, it is possible to be bad prognosticators but still being able to make ends meet with one
excellent financial management.

However, the opposite is never true!

As we have seen, there are a number of parameters that
allow us to identify specific events inside
of an extensive schedule.

With the definition of betting money management we mean a strategy that allows us to manage the gaming budget and that allows us to scientifically earn with betting.

There are various types of money management. The more aggressive ones to the more professional ones to generate R.O.I. like a stock market investment.
All investors use strategy and bankroll management to make money. The same is possible with betting.

The difference between earning with bets and winning with bets is that the former bet following a well-tested strategy
while the winner with bets is a player who likes to bet but aiming for big shots.
As everyone knows, with a multiple of only €1 you can win staggering amounts. But it’s like a lottery game.
Bookmakers lie on their odds as explained above so you can easily be wrong because bookmakers have traders who know very well the tactics to mislead a bettor.

Many professional bettors bet on odds around 2 with well-researched singles to try and beat the bookmakers’ VIG. Fighting over these odds is a real tough war even for bookmakers.

Instead, if you have a well-tested strategy you can generate an exponential income of 10% or more every month. Which seems little but if you think about it if you had €10,000 you can easily generate a salary every month with very few bets.

Try paperbetting and see if you can generate a 10% profit. But even 1% would be enough.

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