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Vig, also known as vigor or juice, is the amount sportsbooks charge to accept a bet.
The vig amount will vary based on the odds, but it’s always there, even when it’s not immediately apparent.
Professional bettors look for the best odds with comparators and should be aware of the impact vig has on the odds.

When you bet on sports, you won’t always double your money when you win. In a tennis event for example if the two players are both quoted at 1.9 and have a 50% probability why aren’t they both quoted at 2.00? This is due to the vig, which is essentially the amount the bookmaker charges to accept bets. It’s a cost of doing business, essentially a cost to the bookmaker to accept the bet.

Essentially, the vig is the equivalent of a fee or commission that online sportsbooks charge. It helps to make sure that the book makes money regardless of how a game goes. It has a direct impact on the potential profits for bettors.

Bettors should try to account for this prior to placing bets, as the amount of the vig plays a role in your potential profits.

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