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The Masaniello strategy

This method of bankroll management has established itself since its invention as one of the most successful in the world of sports betting.

If you visit the world of betting with a certain assiduity, it is likely that you have already heard of the Masaniello method. It is a mathematical model on Excel spreadsheet developed in 2002 by Massimo Mondò and Ciro Masaniello. This algorithm, originally created for financial trading, soon became one of the most popular money management strategies, because it allows you to optimize winnings and minimize risks.

Here are the four main parameters to be set for Masaniello betting:

Total number of events to play
Number of errors allowed out of the total number of predictions
Average share of events played
Initial bankroll to invest

With a little experimentation and experience, anyone will be able to fine-tune all four of these parameters and create their own winning streak. Thanks to Masaniello’s mathematical formula
starting from the initial budget you can get to establish your Return of Investment (ROI) in advance. That is, a forecast of how much you can earn with your bets.

You can download on google searching Masaniello Excel or an app for Ios or Android.

But you can use Masaniello with an online website. This site its Bigstake

As you can see from the image with this system you can set your budget, the total events you will play and which will not be at the same time. The average odds of the events that you will bet which however you will have to put exactly as they are in the stages of calculating the amounts to bet. Finally you have to enter the number of events you will be able to guess.

In this case, if you have a budget of €100 and you manage to guess 7 events out of 10, you will be able to earn €78.81 more.

You are probably wondering why not directly bet €100 at odds of 1.7. You can do it but if the bet loses you will have no more money to be able to continue playing with all the negative consequences that will arise on a psychological level.

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