Always bet a capital that you can afford to losing

The right mental approach

If you are betting and if you are following the guidelines of this site so the reason you bet is to try to make money and not just for fun. The mental approach to betting called mindset is a simple concept but at the same time complex, underestimated by many of bettors or never investigated properly.
The right mental approach inevitably determines the results in any field, let alone in that financial.
Most likely you too like so many others need of a cultural change in the betting sector. If until now you have failed to profit from your betting on a regular basis is not just a technical problem, but above all a mental one.

The process that ends with the placement of a bet consists of 3 main stages:

  1. Emotions
  2. Actions
  3. The Results

Remember that your every thought generates emotions, positive and negative, both strong and mild.
Every action you do every day, therefore also in the real life, is driven by an emotional state of your own thoughts and your knowledge.

By ACTIONS in our case we mean the techniques and the strategies used to place a bet. Obviously, as the course progresses, we will also deepen this purely technical aspect.

We can summarize this process with the following scheme:


The unwary bettor generally concentrates only on ACTIONS and RESULTS, disregarding everything
rest. What you need to understand is that EMOTIONS I am the true ENGINE of this process, which is transformed
then in an infinite loop, because the results will affect then on the subsequent emotions.


Most bettors think they can change the results of your bets by working solely and exclusively on its own actions.
This means skipping a step in the process, the most important one. It is true that you cannot change the results if not you change your actions, but you can never change effectively your actions permanently if not you will work on your emotions first. You can learn all the techniques in the world but if not you will work on your mind you will start making mistakes again
always at the first difficulties.

If you accept and share this concept you are already one step further and you’re ready to reprogram yours

Indeed, as your awareness increases you will learn to manage your emotions better and better as a result your actions will change considerably and the related results.
Sometimes you don’t seem to find yourself faced with a world, that of betting, very confused and random?

Let’s Reset Your Mind

Let’s start first of all from your MONEY.

Always bet a capital that you can afford to losing

The first piece of advice I give you is to commit to always bet a capital that you can afford to losing with a “light heart” without affecting your life financially daily.
The second step is to definitely avoid MULTIPLES, which they are the major source of income for bookmakers. There
multiple is a type of bet invented by purpose to make you lose money in the long run.
Playing accumulators falls under the “I bet for fun”, in which the dream of being able is pursued generate a large profit from a small investment. For 99.99% of you this dream will unfortunately be only one bad illusion.

For example, reach odds of 2.00 using 5 games at odds of 1.15 is mathematically the best way a faster to lose money.

Another important step is to approach the bets with a clear mind: being tired, distracted or maybe having a full belly after a big meal will do you that make some probably wrong decisions in how much your emotionality will be even more underneath stress.

Always remember that the “NOBET” is never a bet loser, and bookmakers absolutely hate this one
“type of play”. BETTING (if you want to earn) should be taken as a job, maybe part-time but it’s still a job that makes you happy it will engage both physically and mentally. Another fundamental step will be to create some
rules and stakes to be followed scrupulously foravoid losing the unit of measurement of yours bet.

So you don’t get emotional during periods negatives I advise you to
try to think in letters instead of numbers, although initially it will not be easy at all.

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