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Asian Under and Over are very interesting , which as we shall see they are equal to the basic asian handicaps.
While with team handicaps the full refund is there is given in case of a tie (given by the sum between
handicap and final result), in the case of Under/Over the full refund is given to us if the number of goals
coincides with the line we have chosen. It is quite clear that we can get a full refund have only if we choose a line without decimals (1.00, 2.00, etc.).

Let’s take an example right away.

Let’s look at the Napoli-Leipzig match in Europe League.
The Under 2.00 is quoted at 3.10.
This means that this bet would come to us refunded if the result is 2-0, 1-1 or 0-2, with a total sum of 2 goals.

The bet would win in case of a number of goals less than 2: 1-0, 0-0 and 0-1.
In all other cases, that is, with a number of goals greater than 2.00 (the payback line), the bet it would be a loser.

Now let’s take an example in OVER.

Let’s look at the same match and simulate going to bet on the Over 3.00 at 2.30.
In which cases would this bet be successful? Let’s start immediately by saying that with a total number of 3
goal we will get a refund. So far I think by now not have doubts.
Now it is easy for us to understand that below this line our bet would be losing while
we will win with a number of goals higher than 3.

With lines without decimals the speech is very simple, now let’s look at a more complex case.

Now let’s see the Under/Over handicap of 2.25 and think about it its 2 components.
The 2.25 line is somewhere between 2.00 and 2.50.
Always taking Naples-Leipzig into consideration, let’s assume that bet on Over 2.25. What happen?
With 2 goals we won’t get a refund as in the case of Over2.00, but since we are daring a little bit of plus (+0.25) we take a small risk and we will have so half a loss.
On the other hand, if we had taken the Over 2.5, the 2 goals would be there they would have lost the whole bet.
As mentioned, the 2.25 line is right in the middle between 2.00 and 2.50, and between “have the refund” and have the “loss of the whole bet” there is precisely the loss of half of the bet.
Obviously results with less than 2 goals would do us lose everything, while those of 3 would let us win
goal up. It all comes down to trying and getting used to these reasoning, perhaps helping you in the initial phase with a table.

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