If you’re not in the mood to waste time studying a tip then you can simply follow good tipsters with Vat Number.

What is the Vat Number?

Thanks to this system, the administrations of the individual European Union states have constant control of the exchanges carried out. Furthermore, the VAT identifier allows all those who make a purchase or a sale with a foreign operator to verify the validity of the data provided by the other party directly online.

How to find these professional tipster?

However, following a very active but profitable tipster can be a bit difficult in some cases.
The first thing that will surely catch the eye is the number of followers it has. But that number doesn’t necessarily equal a successful tispter.
What I recommend here is to follow those tipsters who, more or less, despite having all the peculiarities to be someone not to be trusted, in reality, among the tide of tipsters of this kind, someone instead carries out these activities in a professional manner. Even registered with the taxman and a VAT number for their business activity.
Do you know any tipsters with VAT numbers?
Surely not.

Recognizing scam tipsters is very simple. They don’t have a betting history, they issue a false report, their channels are flooded with more advertisements than predictions. For those unfamiliar with the sport they bet on, they could more easily fall into the trap.

However, there are some tispters who appear to be scammers but in reality their predictions are truly excellent. You may wonder how to track down these tipsters who even seem anonymous and impossible to contact, at least directly. Behind a nick there is probably a small company with a Vat Number. If you see this Vat Number on their website that’s a guarantee. Ok they will also earn from your losses but they must also make you win so as not to lose their quality.

Follow these tipsters as well. Use your own strategy. Copying them everyday might be difficult sometimes. So it’s better to adopt a copying strategy.

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