Asian Handicaps are types of bets now very common and preferred by professional bettors.
The signs 1, 2, 1X, X2, 1DNB, 2DNB can be played in Asian Handicap mode, market in which odds are often higher than in classic markets.

Basic Asian Handicap

Asian Handicaps developed in Asia, specifically in Indonesia, but already for many years have gained worldwide popularity.
They are born with the aim of compensating the imbalance between 2 teams by adding or subtracting them before kick-off 1 or more goals. You can find many bookmaker with asian handicap here .

Let’s take a simple example with match CeltaVigo-Levante.

Below are the odds on 1X2 signs in Betwinner Sportbook:

  • sign 1 @1.50
  • X sign @4.35
  • sign 2@6.50

Asian Handicap mode allows us to virtually change the result of the match by acting before the kick-off.
Suppose we want to bet on the victory of CeltaVigo with the penalty of -1 goal, which is a handicap in general is reported in bookmakers as: CeltaVigo -1.00 (odds at 1.81 on Bet365)
In practice, Valencia start the match starting from virtual result of 0-1 instead of 0-0.
Suppose the match ends with the score 2-1. Adding this result (2-1) with the result of the handicap (0-1) would result in the final result of 2-2.


So with what results the sign CeltaVigo -1.00 would it be successful?
This bet would only be successful if CeltaVigo wins with at least 2 goal difference, for example 2-0, 3-0, 3-1, etc.
This bet would be refunded if CeltaVigo won by only 1 goal difference, for example 1-0, 2-1, 3-2, etc.
In all other cases (draw or defeat) the bet would be lost.
On the other hand, it is quite simple to understand. If the match ends for example 1-1 the addition of the handicap attributed to CeltaVigo (0-1) would transform the final result in a 1-2.
As mentioned above handicaps can be attributed both in a negative form (by removing a goal) and in a positive form (adding a goal).

Example number 2

Let’s go back to the match CeltaVigo – Levante and suppose to wanting to bet on the winning Levante by assigning it
the handicap of +1 goal. In practice we would end up in a situation similar to the previous one, but we are focusing on the guests. Also in this case at the kick off the match would start with the virtual result of 0-1 in favor of Levante.

Let’s see the quote:
Levante +1.00 (odds at 2.12 on Bet365)
If the match ended 1-0 for CeltaVigo, as we have seen even before, the bet would be refunded to us in how much the final sum would give a draw (1-1).
So with what results the Levante sign +1.00 would it be successful?
The bet would pay off with any win and draw by Levante, while it would be repaid with a narrow defeat (1-0, 2-1, etc)
He would instead be loser with any defeat of the Levante with at least 2 goals difference (2-0, 3-0, 3-1, etc).
So it would be a winner even in the event of a tie? Yes, and it’s easy to understand.
If we add the +1.00 of the Levant (therefore 0-1 initial) with for example a 1-1 draw would result
Levante won 1-2.

Now let’s take a larger example using the match Real Madrid – Valencia.
Below are the Bet365 odds on 1X2 signs:

  • sign 1 @1.20
  • X sign @7.00
  • sign 2@13.00

In this case the gap between the 2 teams is high that the sign Real Madrid -1.00 has the ridiculous
odds of 1.27. So let’s focus on another handicap.

Real Madrid -2.00 (odds at 2.05 on Bet365)
Real Madrid have to win the match with at least 3 goals discard (3-0, 4-0, 4-1, etc) to make us win the game. In fact, this Handicap makes Real Madrid start from a virtual result of 0-2.
If Real won only 2-0 the aggregate result it would become 2-2 and we will be refunded. For to win the bet requires Real to win with a gap of 3 or more goals.
To make it good thanks to the Asian Handicaps we have the possibility to bet at more interesting odds too
with very low fixed signs, or bet on one underdog by starting it already from a situation of advantage.

Alternative Asian Handicap

Alternative Asian handicap markets differ from basic due to the fact that the number of goals applied does not is an integer, but a decimal number. It is not expected full refund as mathematically not will never give rise to a result of perfect equality.
Let’s go in order and see them one at a time. It will follow then a complete analytical table.
Asian Handicap +0.5/-0.5 allows you to attribute to a specific team a “half goal” of advantage or disadvantage.

Suppose we bet in the Torino-Juventus derby on grenade giving it AH +0.5.
In case of victory or draw for Torino thanks to the positive handicap we will always have an advantage and the
bet will therefore be successful.
If Juventus win, we will have lost ours bet as the +0.5 attributed to Turin pre match will not be able to mathematically compensate for the goals suffered.
Here’s how a “0 vs 1” defeat would turn into a virtual result of “0.5 vs 1”, i.e. one result negative and therefore losing.
If you think about it, AH +0.5 is equivalent in this case to the classic double chance 1X.
Using the same match, let’s suppose instead that we want to bet on Juventus giving them a disadvantage of
-0.5. Even in case of a tie the bet would be loser because the tie would be converted into defeat by at least “half a goal” difference. This bet would therefore be equivalent to the 2 mark.

Handicap asiatico 0

This type of Asian equals the classic 1DNB or 2DNB sign, which provides for repayment in
case of tie. Betting on a team by adding 0 goals, i.e. AH(0), means not altering the result at the kick-off e so basically don’t award any kind of perk either downside.
In case of a final tie, as explained in the first part of this form, the rule of reimbursement of the played.

Compound Handicap (Quarter Ball): +0.25/-0.25

This handicap assigns a negative “quarter goal” or positive. The effect is nothing but a middle ground between the 2
previous handicaps (AH 0.5 and AH 0) and inherit the features from both plays.

Let’s take an example always using the Turin Juventus match. Suppose we assign an AH(+0.25) to Turin.
1) if we had assigned it AH(0.0) we would have had la bet won with the 1 sign and refunded with the X sign.
2) if I had assigned it AH(+0.5) we would have had la bet won with both 1 and X signs.
With the AH (+0,25) we always have the victory with the sign 1 but a half victory with the sign X, precisely one
middle ground between refunding case 1 and winning full of case 2.
In some bookmakers it is not found with the name “0.25” but with the name of its 2 components: “0.0, +0.5”

More example

The question some of you may have asked yourself will be surely this:

“Why should I use the handicap +0.25 for Turin (which makes me win half) if the handicap Does +0.5 in case of a draw give me a full win?”

The answer is simple, AH +0.25 covers less but it has nearly 50 points higher odds than the AH +0.5.

Below are some of Turin’s handicaps to get a clearer idea.
AH(0) = 3.70 (equivalent to 1DNB)
AH(+0.25) = 2.67
AH (+0.5) = 2.20 (equivalent to 1X)
Generally speaking, the higher a handicap value goes, the more the altitude goes down, and vice versa…
Now let’s look at another example of this handicap composed by focusing on Juventus by attributing to him
the handicap -0.25. This handicap fits somewhere between AH(0) and AH(- 0.50).
So let’s look at the odds:
AH(0) = 1.26 (equivalent to the sign 2DNB)
AH(-0.25) = 1.45
AH (-0.5) = 1.65 (equivalent to sign 2)
The handicap -0.25 in the event of a tie makes us only lose half of our stake, with odds 20 points lower than the winning odds fixed.

Handicap: +0.75/-0.75

With the same approach seen previously we can now decipher quite quickly this handicap which is halfway between 0.50 and 1.00. We see schematically an example assuming to attribute to a team playing at home the following handicaps.

AH(+0.5). We win with the 1X sign.
AH(+1.00) We win with the 1X mark but we are refunded with a loss of measure.
AH(+0.75) Allows us to win with the 1X sign but to lose half of our stake in case of a loss.
It is in practice a sign that is quoted higher than AH(+1.0) but it covers us a little less.
Instead, compared to the sign AH(+0.5) it is quoted less but it covers us more.

You can still learn from the table below which summarizes all of them the handicaps. But you need to understand the first
reasoning behind these very interesting markets.

Another Type of Asian Betting are the Asian Under Over where you can find an explanation in this article here –>

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