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What are Bet Builder?

Bet builder is a feature offered by some online betting platforms that allows bettors to create customized bets by combining various selections into a single event. This feature gives bettors more control over the bets they place, allowing them to combine multiple elements into one bet instead of betting on separate individual events.

Here’s how bet builders generally work:

  1. Event Selection: Initially, you can select a single sporting event you want to bet on. It could be a football match, a basketball game or any other sports event available on the betting platform.
  2. Choose Selections: Once you’ve selected the event, you can start creating your personalized bet. Usually, you can choose from a range of different selections for the event. For example, in a football match, you can select the first goal scorer, the exact score and the number of yellow cards. Each selection has its own odds.
  3. Combining Selections: Once you’ve chosen the desired selections, you can combine them all into a single customized bet. You can specify the quantities and conditions of the selections, such as how many goals will be scored or who the goal scorer will be.
  4. Calculation of Odds and Potential Payout: As you add selections to your customized bet, you’ll see the corresponding odds for each selection. The odds can vary based on the probability of the selections and the overall risk of the bet. The betting platform will automatically calculate the potential payout based on your choices.
  5. Placing the Bet: Once you’re satisfied with your selections and the odds, you can confirm the bet and place it. Keep in mind that there are often minimum and maximum betting limits for bet builders.
  6. Event Outcome: After the event has concluded, the selections you’ve chosen will be evaluated based on the actual outcome of the event. If all selections have occurred as predicted, you win the bet and receive a payout based on the agreed-upon odds.

Customization in a multiple

Bet builders offer players a higher level of customization and engagement in betting. The betbuilder function is very useful if we want to create an accumulator on the markets of the same event. The combos were born before but it was not possible to combine, for example Over 1.5, Over 2.5 and even in some bookmakers such as Sportaza the Asian Overs as Over 2. However, there is a limit on the number of events. If in accumulators you can combine an almost infinite number of events, betbuilders stop at 6 choices.

Example of bet Builder on Sportaza

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