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Txodds is an English company active for more than 20 years in the betting sector. They sells APIs and data feeds from the main world bookmakers to its customers. These high added value services allow you to have changes in odds in real time with a very low latency. It’s essential for those who do or used to arbitrage odds between the various world bookmakers.
It is the best odds comparator for prematch events.

Txodds is very useful to find interesting odds drops for 1X2, Over Under and Asian spreads markets. There are other interesting things. Such as the number of bookmakers that raised the odds and the number that lowered the odds. We therefore have a synoptic vision of what is happening in the markets. The odds written on txodds are average odds of all bookmakers.


Once logged in, you have access to all the tools that aggregate and monitor the odds of the main Asian and European bookmakers. Thanks to this you can understand where the market is moving. The flow of bets placed by simple bettors, investment funds or people who have “inside” information moves the market and the odds.

It is worth underlining that Txodds does not provide the volumes played in bookmakers as this information is too sensitive. This will highlight where all the customers are located, the bookmaker’s total exposure on the market and its real turnover. Consequently we would never have this information available. Through the indications that can be obtained with tx markets we could have indications of a similar value.

The odds are not fixed over time. They move based on the lineups, the injured or disqualified players, the game form, the motivation, the home factor, the playing field, etc. and the players’ bets on the various bookmakers.
Based on the volume played they lower or raise the stake “following” the flow of money. In various situations they can insert so-called “trap odds” to deceive the bettor with a value that does not correspond to the truth. It can serve to hide the real situation. Tx Markets, having many bookmakers at its disposal, can help us understand the “true” trend of the market. The trap odds are not included by all bookmakers but evidently by a smaller number. The proprietary indicator OCI odds change index allows us to have a clearer idea of the direction of the market and the “truthfulness” of the odds themselves.

What is OCI

The best known indicator that made txodds famous is the OCI odds change index. I’is the odds change index which gives an idea condensed into a number, of how and with what importance the share of a given market has changed in a direction. The higher the OCI, the greater the change in share in that direction. It provide us with a more precise and truthful indication of where the market can go.
OCI values above 50 provide us with a significant idea of whether that share is to be taken into consideration and values. Above 100 even more should be studied carefully with a qualitative analysis.

These numbers and these variations are obviously not easy to see at first glance. Several factors variations must be taken into account. The number itself is not important but seeing it in relation to other quotas, other parameters and other indicators.
Experience and knowledge of the market are king and like all things you can’t improvise.


The first interesting and easy to read tool of Tx Markets is upcoming meetings. It shows us for today what the matches are with the relative average odds of the 1 x 2 results of the main over / under and of the main and proprietary indicator l ‘OCI. Next to the OCI we find an attention sign which means the report made by their analysts is available on that match which we will see later.

Let’s examine the first match Leverkusen – Stuggart. The first column you see are the current average odds of all the bookmakers who have quoted the event present in Tx Markets which are 223 and you can see at the end of the row. Next to Leverkusen’s current average odds is 1,649 which is the average opening odds. Below -1.5 is the Asian spread and the current and initial average share of the same. Then comes +2.5 which is over 2.5 with the current and initial average share next to it. Below 1,828 which is the over odds is the current under 2.5 odds. The number 46 with the upward arrow indicates the number of bookmakers who have raised the Bayer odds and 68 the number of those who have lowered it. As a result, Stuggart’s odds rose by 103 bookmakers and fell by only 18.

The fact that all or most bookmakers raise or lower an odds is important. It means that they have recorded several bets on these signs and consequently vary the odds. The number of bookmakers who have changed the odds is an indicator related to the volumes played even if it obviously does not provide us with the bets made.

The last number is the OCI which is 25.49 which as mentioned is not very significant. It can be seen from the movement of the odds.

In this initial table you will find all the football, tennis, basketball etc matches with the main odds and the OCI value. This picture allows us to see if there are matches that need to be studied better because they have anomalous odds values.


The report at the bottom on match analysis is a very useful tool made by Txodds analysts. It examines an adequate number of events and provides a statistical analysis, injured, unavailable, movement of anomalous odds and particular information on that particular match. These easy-to-read synthetic reports give a very professional and immediate vision of the match. There are news that cannot be found without a very careful study. Analysts also interpret odds and movements and can give interesting insights.

Some reports are made the day before or days before. Consequently the odds movements may then be different close to the match itself. I suggest examining the analysis and report in the report and reviewing the odds when you want to enter in order to realize if there have been any significant changes in odds that may have caused the analysis made to vary.

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